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tony mandarich internet marketing specialist 150x150Many small business owners fail to realize the benefits that an internet marketing specialist might bring to their business. Some believe that their experience in local marketing in the “offline” world will easily translate to marketing to an online customer-base; some simply discount internet marketing as an unnecessary, or unaffordable, expense.

Over the last twenty years, however, the internet has been adopted on a vast scale; people are now connected to entertainment sources, movies, music, and a huge library of knowledge, the size of which is unparalleled in human history. Two billion people now have access to the internet and more each day are using this vital tool, not just for communication, but to seek information about services and products. By failing to realize the importance that online marketing now has in all markets, a business may miss out on significant revenue streams.

Finding An Internet Marketing Specialist: Types Of Website Advertising


Website Advertising can largely be broken down into “free” and paid techniques. So called free methods are usually focused on a group of techniques, collectively named search engine optimization. These techniques largely consist of a person optimizing a website and promoting it in such a way that the search engines begin to place a greater amount of trust into the information it provides.

Over time, the site will start to appear in ever higher positions in the search results. Appearing in a higher position means that there is a greater chance of users clicking through to the site in question, which subsequently increases the chance of conversion and sales. Of course these methods are not really free as both time and money may have to be invested in the initial stages; the difference to “paid” techniques, however, is that once the initial work is complete, costs will not be incurred for every single website visitor.

Using An Internet Marketing Specialist To Craft An Advertising Campaign


In most scenarios, a website or business owner will be best served by employing a mix of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and more traditional methods, such as advertising. Online advertising can take the form of banner ads – which are similar to standards ads, in that the advertiser will pay a fixed cost – or a type of advertising called “pay per click”. There is no fixed cost involved with PPC advertising, and instead the advertiser will pay a small fee each time one of their ads is clicked by a user.

This form of advertising allows the marketer to target people who search for specific keywords on a search engine, are browsing certain types of sites or sit within various demographic groups. Such a campaign can be complex to set up, and if approached without sufficient experience can be costly and offer only a small return on investment. However, due to the configurable nature of PPC Management and the access to almost instant analytical data, when approached by a suitably experienced internet marketing specialist, this form of marketing can be extremely profitable.

Traditional “bricks and mortar” business owners often find expanding into the online world daunting. However, with the population’s dependence on the internet increasing by the day, failing to take advantage of such a vast customer-base could be costly. Hiring an experienced internet marketing specialist may help to ease the transition into the online world.

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