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What is SEO Reputation Management?

seo reputation management 300x191The success in your online marketing efforts will largely depend on the extent of trust you create about your brand name among your target audience. Even a slight diversion from the truth can affect your reputation adversely and in turn can affect your business. Your online reputation management can be damaged by a number of factors. For example, your competitors can launch a campaign against you to tarnish your reputation or brand image even if the fault does not lie on your part.

Your competitor can also harm your reputation by writing a negative article about you or your brand and submitting it to several directories. Your adversaries may also submit or sponsor adverts that speak badly of your business on the initial page of major search engines. This can affect the growth of your online business drastically. In such circumstances, taking the efforts to boost or maintain your reputation in an intact manner is called SEO reputation management.

What can be done to Improve your SEO Reputation Management?

The first step involved in SEO reputation management is to request your adversaries to remove the negative comments politely. If they do not pay heed, then you can threaten them with legal action. If this method also does not yield the desired results, then you can use suitable SEO techniques to overcome the damage yourself. You can take consistent efforts to make the page bearing negative comments to feature in the second results page of search engines such as Google.

You can also try to make the sites that rank lower than your competitors to rank above it on the major search engines. This can be done successfully by using the right SEO tactics and tips. You can also seek the help of writers to post good reviews or positive comments about your site and post the same on the home page.

Other techniques of SEO reputation management involve infusing your site with fresh content on a regular basis. The same can be syndicated through blogs, articles, newsletters, etc. to enhance the visibility of your site. The new content can also be submitted via RSS feeds. This is an indirect way to get your visitors to ignore the negative feedback posted about your site.

You can also improve your online reputation by posting new content on sister domains or sub domains of your site. These domains draw the same attention from Google as the primary domains and can showcase your products and services in a different way.

Your reputation will remain at an all time high permanently if you succeed in delivering whatever you promise promptly and efficiently. Once you forge a strong bond or trust with your customers, it will become difficult for anyone to break it.

Who needs SEO reputation management?

Both major and small time businessmen online could need services that help restore a tarnished reputation. The public is more willing to express their views on various products and services by shopping for them online. The more a product or company is exposed to public scrutiny, the higher the chances that someone will question their reputation. This can include unhappy customers, competitors, clients and those who may just be interested in challenging the integrity of your website. By hiring the services of reputable SEO reputation management professionals, you can restore the image and reputation of your company within a short span of time.

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