Twitter for Businesses – Best Practices for a Positive Corporate Presence


Twitter Marketing

Despite the naysayers, there is value in using Twitter.

twitter marketingFor businesses, Twitter marketing is a chance to connect with prospects and current customers in a unique way – and in a way that these important audiences are used to communicating.

Whether you use Twitter for business or not, there are some basic Twitter tips that can make your social media presence more relevant and successful:

Your Profile is your First Key to Legitimacy

Using your company logo, company colors, linking to your company site and just having a completed (and branded) Twitter profile can go a long way toward verifying your legitimacy.

Put a name to your Twitter Face

Companies don’t Tweet, but people do. Your followers (who are also your customers and potential customers) deserve to know the name behind your Twitter marketing. It adds credibility and personality to your presence.

Make Twitter a True Piece of your Business

If you use Twitter for business, then make it feel like a part of your businesses. Link to your Twitter business account from logical pages on your corporate website (news page, contact page, etc.).

Humans Tweet, so be Human

I cringe when I see corporate Twitter accounts with nothing but news releases, re-tweets and links to company web pages. Humans engage in conversations, and this carried over to Twitter, as well. Come to Twitter with a sense of humor, or at the very least, understanding the “social” part of social media. Your experience (and that of your followers) will be better for it.

I think we’re past the conversation where we talk about Twitter “possibly” being good for business. There are enough examples of large and small companies with a Twitter business account making a huge impact to make that conversation a waste of time.

The real conversation should be about your business – and Twitter for businesses in general. Will you use Twitter marketing to enhance your business presence, your customer service and your brand? My Twitter tips above are just the start to a positive Twitter presence.

Do you have a Twitter business account already?

Are you seeing success by using it?

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