Targeted Email Marketing

Targeted Email Marketing That Works


  • Helping you develop a strategy and showing you how to build your own email list
  • Create multiple opt-in campaigns creating channels relevant to specific parts of your business
  • Email content and sequence creation
  • Creation and implementation of opt-in forms, landing pages and auto responders
  • We are professionally certified to help you with your email marketing set up and campaigns
  • DO NOT BUY EMAIL LISTS– unless you want to waste your money and be frustrated!

Why Targeted Email Marketing?


Targeted eMail Marketing sends messages to people who have already expressed interest in receiving information from you about your goods and services.  Email marketing is one of the most effective Internet marketing tools available. An eMail marketing campaign can introduce you to new sales prospects and help you build a relationship with them while promoting your message, product or service. This email advertising can be as complex as a newsletter or as simple as a colorful e-card. You can even tailor your messages to a specific geographic location or specific drilled-down interest. Getting your message in front of your subscribers is important!

Don’t Get Scammed Into Buying a GREAT LIST!


Nobody likes spam. In fact, there are some stiff penalties assessed to companies sending out unsolicited bulk commercial emails — THIS IS WHY WE SUGGEST YOU DON’T BUY EMAIL LISTS! The problem is lack of permission!  We target eMail marketing campaigns with your existing list. We will help you build a targeted email marketing list consisting of 100% opt-in emails who have asked to receive emails from you. This permission-based system assures you that your message is reaching your targeted viewers. More targeted viewers means more prospects to convert to new clients!

Your email marketing campaign will help develop a long-term relationship with subscribers. It will familiarize them with your brand and provide them with the value of information in addition to your sales message. Email marketing lets you deliver your message directly instead of hoping people happen to come across it on the radio or in the newspaper, and has a high success rate. Save money and get a higher return on investment in a single campaign with targeted email marketing through Mandarich Media Group!

Let Us Help You Build And Market Your Email List


Your Internet marketing needs are our business. At, we will create a targeted email marketing campaign and send it to your 100% opt-in based email list. Each and every person we send your message to wants to hear more about your product or service!  Do you want to reach a larger audience than you ever have before? Do you want a larger database of sales prospects? Is getting your message to a targeted audience important to your marketing plan? Let us help.  The success of your business depends on focused exposure. We have the know-how to create a clear message and get it in front of people who want to see it.
Contact us today and we will develop and implement an effective targeted email marketing campaign to help you get more conversions now!

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